Star Ocean: The Last Hope’s PS4 Settings are PC Caliber

Due to the nature of consoles, typically the settings for console games are a bit limited. Since PCs are upgradeable and gamers will have a wide range of rigs, more advanced settings are needed in order to ensure the game runs correctly. Star Ocean: The Last Hope is an exception to these console and PC setting rules, though, as the PlayStation 4 remaster has a wealth of settings options, that rival the number of most PC titles.

Eurogamer goes in depth about the settings:

The jump to 60fps across the board greatly improves the experience, but achieving a consistent lock ties in closely with the resolution you choose. Base PS4 users can select between 720p and 1080p, while Pro users can target 1440p or full 4K instead. By itself, this is a huge upgrade. On Xbox 360, the overworld and cutscenes are displayed at a resolution around 1248×702 with a visible black border around the image. In comparison, the 60fps battle scenes are instead delivered at roughly 900×510 resolution. Yes, just a notch above standard definition there.

While many of the assets are very much the same as the last-gen versions, the extra clarity has a transformative effect on the game, enabling a much more attractive image. On Xbox 360, the reliance on overdone specular resulted in plenty of visible shimmering and image noise but this remaster comes much closer to delivering a pristine image, and running at native 4K on Pro is clearly the best option – but that’s not where Star Ocean’s selectables end.

There is a lot more at the Eurogamer article, so if you’re interested in the various options you have to give it a read!

How will you be tweaking your Star Ocean: The Last Hope PS4 experience?

[Source: Eurogamer]