Latest Mulaka Trailer Delves Into Ancient Culture’s Mythology

The latest episode of “Behind Mulaka” has been released by the team at Lienzo. The video series aims to helming players understand both the process of making a game like Mulaka and also the inspiration behind it. The first episode centered on shedding light on the history of Tarahumara, the culture at the center of the upcoming game, and this episode highlights that culture’s mythology and how it presents itself in the game.

The second episode just the penultimate video in a three-part documentary series by Lienzo. This episode, we explore the various mythological beasts found in the Tarahumara culture. From the vegetation god Ganó to the mantis-like race of the Seeló, Lienzo has managed to take a lot of the creatures and adapt them straight into the game.

According to the developers, the team – with approval from the Tarahumara elders – brought these myths to life for the first time in an interactive medium. “for us, it was very important that this was a project about the Tarahumara people with as much involvement as we could possibly get from them. Mulaka is a celebration of all their glory and we couldn’t have done it without them.” said Lienzo’s Adolfo Aguirre.

For more information on the upcoming Mulaka, make sure to check out below:

Set against the backdrop of northern Mexico’s iconic Sierra Tarahumara landscape, Mulaka presents an action-adventure journey unlike any players have experienced before. Drawing upon the rich history of the Tarahumara people, players will encounter creatures of legend as they seek to fight back the foulness corrupting the land. Harness the culture’s fabled running prowess, learn to embody the transformational powers of the demigods, and view the world from an indigenous perspective unique to video games.

Mulaka is slated to launch sometime in 2018.