Skyrim VR Update 1.02 Adds a Smooth Rotation Option to the Move Controllers

Who would have thought that six years after launch, Bethesda would still be releasing updates and patches for Skyrim? This go around, it’s the virtual reality jaunt into Elder Scrolls V that’s getting a patch. It might be a solitary experience, but Bethesda is intent on fixing bugs and further improving the experience of Skyrim VR. The main feature of Skyrim VR update 1.02 is adding smooth rotation options to the Move controller scheme, along with the option to have crosshairs for spell casting. The patch also fixes a series of bugs and improves various abilities to better immerse players in the world of Skyrim.

The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim VR Update 1.02 Patch Notes


  • Added smooth rotation option with PS Move controllers
  • Added rotation speed for smooth rotation
  • Added option for crosshairs when using PS Move controllers for spells


  • Removed the auto-unsheathing when raising your shield hand when weapons are sheathed.
  • Fixed an issue with 2-handed weapons in left hand mode
  • Made adjustments to blocking and bashing so that it now works correctly with 2-handed weapons and 1-handed weapons with no secondary weapon equipped
  • Improved feedback for blocking
  • Improved feedback for getting staggered
  • Improvements to Eagle Eye
  • Improvements to setting targets for summon spells
  • Fixed an issue where your follower or other NPCs would block UI
  • Fixed an issue where the training menu would not be in the right place
  • Improved directional power attacks
  • Stats menu will update without having to restart the game
  • Other bug fixes and minor improvements

Our review of Skyrim VR was highly positive, citing Bethesda’s virtual reality outing as one of PSVR’s killer apps that could sell headsets.

Every time I put on the VR headset, I’m reminded of just how incredible virtual reality is. A similar awe catches hold of me with games like Skyrim. It’s still hard to comprehend that Skyrim, a game from 2011 not originally designed for virtual reality, is now PlayStation VR’s killer app. Marrying these two ideas seemed like an impossible feat, but Bethesda pulled it off. Skyrim VR is anything but a simple port to virtual reality. It is lovingly crafted with care and attention to make one of the biggest and most memorable VR experiences since the platform first launched. Skyrim VR isn’t just a must-experience for PSVR owners; it’s a reason to buy the headset.

What other changes do you want to see come to a future Skyrim VR update?

[Source: Bethesda]