crossout update

Latest Crossout Update Offers New Game Modes and Reworking to AI Enemies

Targem Games and Gaijin Entertainment have announced a brand new update to the post-apocalyptic action MMO Crossout. The update – officially the 0.8.3 version of the game – adds new game modes for both PvP and PvE, a new map, and much more, including big changes to the AI enemies.

The new PvP mode in the update is called “Bedlam” and is open to all Crossout players, regardless of their level. Respawns in this mode are unlimited, which allows players to put their constructions to the test against other players. Once a ride is perfected, Targem Games says the battles of “Bedlam” mode are a great way to improve tactics and teamwork.

Over on the non-PvP side of things, the new PvE mission “Frontier Defense” sees players needing to re-capture an oil rig that was previously lost to raiders. After having been pushed out of the area by the enemy, players now must mount a counterattack to reach the rig and defeat the enemies protecting it. Also coming to the update is a Refinery, a new PvE map located on the site of a destroyed chemical plant. Players can choose to take the short route through flooded passages or take longer detours to get inside.

Targem Games also announced that all computer-controlled enemies feature in the PvE modes have been significantly reworked to more closely resemble the different factions in the game. Now, the AI is far more dangerous in battle, and will use their faction identities to their advantage. Enemies from the “Lunatics” faction, for example, will show up in large numbers and pry on the player with the least amount of hitpoints in close combat.

Crossout is available now.