For Honor Will Test Dedicated Servers Starting Tomorrow, and You Can Help

Over at the For Honor subreddit, the development team behind the game have announced that they are now openly testing dedicated servers in For Honor. According to the developers, the team has already done a ton of testing behind closed doors, but the next logical step would be getting in the hands of actual players, and so that’s what they’ll be doing.

Starting tomorrow, a 4 day long, multi-platform stress test will occur, with all the exact time and information found below:

  • Preload: December 13th @ 13:00 UTC (8:00 EST)
  • Test Start: December 14th @ 13:00 UTC (8:00 EST)
  • Test End: December 18th @ 01:00 UTC (December 17th 20:00 EST)

Along with the test, the development team announced that players won’t even need to fully own the game in order to participate. By simply heading over to the PlayStation Store and searching for “For Honor – Open Test” from the top menu, players will be able to download the test – estimated to be about 23 GB – and help out the development team for free. Ubisoft has even decided to give out rewards for helping, and for a bit more information on that, you can check out below or by heading over to the For Honor PTS subreddit:


As the sole objective of this Open Test is testing the new Dedicated Servers architecture, the content provided is aimed to assess its overall stability and possible impacts on the players match experience. In this context, you will be limited to Duel, Dominion and Tribute game modes in PvP only. All Heroes will be available for just 1 Steel each, don’t miss your chance to practice new heroes! The same customization that is available in the main game will be available in the Open Test.


We have set up a 4 day long rewards program so that you will return to the main game with great rewards after the Open Test free period!

Players who participate will get: * an exclusive SYMBOL to customize their Heroes/Emblems; * 1 entry in the Open Test Raffle; * the ability to get more raffle chances and main game rewards through the completion of Daily Orders (where applicable); * the ability get an exclusive EMBLEM OUTLINE and main game rewards through the completion of our special Community Order.

For Honor is now available.

[Source: Reddit]