PSA: Overwatch Winter Wonderland Event Starts Today, New Game Mode and New Legendary Skins

Many Overwatch players look forward to when the next limited time event in the game will be, as they often add new skins and new ways to play. After the Halloween event, it was clear that the next one to look forward to would be another end-of-year holiday event. Today marks the beginning of the Overwatch Winter Wonderland seasonal event, which will likely be lasting until January 2, as each event is usually three weeks long.

Where previous events have been shrouded in mystery, Blizzard’s Jeff Kaplan hinted at many of the things coming to this year’s Winter Wonderland event in a developer update. Kaplan says that Legendary skins are coming for Hanzo (said to be a “long awaited” skin that we’ve seen in one of the comics), Junkrat, Roadhog, and many other characters. He also says that Winter Wonderland will include a seasonal pass-over of some of the maps, including the return of snowy Hanamura and King’s Row, as well as a new seasonal pass on the Black Forest arena map.

Mei’s Snowball Offensive, the limited time game mode for this event, has been moved into the Black Forest in addition to its old place in Ecopoint, Antarctica. This year will feature a new game mode called Mei’s Yeti Hunt, which sets one team as five Meis against a single “Yeti” (Winston). Both teams are human players, with Mei hunting Winston, and Winston attempting to build his Primal Rage by collecting meat power ups. Kaplan says that the point of the seasonal brawls is to be fun, light-hearted distractions, and that it is designed to be silly by nature.

Going by previous returning events, you can expect to see last year’s Winter Wonderland rewards return in addition to new skins, emotes, sprays, and other cosmetics that will make their way into the loot boxes. Are you excited for the return on Overwatch Winter Wonderland?