Infinity Ward Announces Studio Expansion, Brings New Studio to Poland

December 15, 2017Written by Anthony Nash

infinity ward poland

Infinity Ward has announced today that they plan on bringing a brand new studio expansion to Poland. Infinity Ward Poland, as it will come to be known, will be centered in Kraków, Poland, and become the home to a team of developers that Infinity Ward says will focus on research and development while also working closely with the Infinity Ward studio in Los Angeles.

“We’re thrilled to announce the expansion of our development capabilities with the opening of Infinity Ward Poland,” said Dave Stohl, Studio Head for Infinity Ward. “We’re building a world-class R&D studio that will tap into the creative local game development culture and talent in Poland. This expansion will further solidify our position as one of the most dedicated and accomplished teams in the industry. We look forward to great things to come.”

According to their announcement on the Infinity Ward community blog, Principal Rendering Engineer Michal Drobot will head up the new Infinity Ward Poland team. For more information on the studio, or if you want to just keep tabs on them, they have already set up a Twitter account for fans to follow them.

The latest game that Infinity Ward created, Call of Duty: Infinite Warfare, released last year. For more on that, check out our review. Here’s what Chandler Wood had to say:

Outside of the innovative campaign, Infinite Warfare plays it safe by cloning and tweaking what’s worked in the past with multiplayer and Zombies, which makes neither really seem like products of Infinity Ward. Gameplay imbalance in multiplayer, with arguably more powerful weapon variants available in loot boxes, is a real concern, as is current map design and spawn logic promoting far too many instances of being shot in the back. Depending on where you place your weight, there’s a dichotomy of value from this package. The campaign and Zombies are definitely worth playing, but the multiplayer is as likely to leave people feeling frustrated as it is to see a fair and fun match, especially with so many other shooter options that have upped the ante out there.

Call of Duty: Infinite Warfare is available now.