Street Fighter V: Arcade Edition Will Launch With Team Versus Mode

December 20, 2017Written by Anthony Nash

street fighter 5 team versus mode

Street Fighter V: Arcade Edition is going to launch with an extra game mode, as the Austin Creed-led Youtube channel UpUpDownDown has revealed that a brand new Team Versus mode will be coming to the Arcade Edition when it launches next month.

While the preview of the mode (seen above) may be a bit chaotic due to all of the WWE Superstars featured in it, the mode looks to be perfect for both crew battles and other tournaments. While the UpUpDownDown crew only played a 3v3, first-to-one format, it looks like the game mode will allow you to tweak the rules so you can have any type of battles.

Thanks to the brief look at the menu prior to everyone playing, it looks like players can toggle a number of things, including the number of rounds, if your Critical Gauge carries over, or if winning characters get boots that go into effect during the next match. Regardless of how people choose to play, the Team Battle mode looks to be a perfect addition for fans that like to have huge tournaments with their friends.

For more what fans will be able to tweak in the Street Fighter V: Arcade Edition Team Versus mode, make sure to check out below, courtesy of the Capcom blog:

  • No. of Team Members – You can have a team of up to five members. Each team must have an equal number of players.
  • Match Format – Choose between Elimination and Best of Series
    • Elimination – The winner stays on as the teams fight to the last man standing.
    • Best of Series – Each team member will match up against their corresponding opponent until one team wins the majority of the matches. If the number of battles won by each team is even, the result will be a draw. Draws can only occur in teams of two or four.
  • Vitality Recover – Choose how much vitality the winner recovers after each round. You can opt for Partial (recover green health and some gray health), Partial Green (recover actual health), or Full Recovery.
  • Retain EX Gauge – Allows whether the winner will be allowed to carry over their EX Gauge into the next round.
  • V-Gauge Advantage – In Elimination, determine whether the losing team will be given V-Gauge in the next round. Two bars will be given for a difference of two fighters, and three for a difference of three or more.
  • Change Order – The losing team can change their character order before the next fight. Selecting random will randomize the order, including who goes first.
  • Throwaway Matches – In Best of Series, choose whether to play all the battles even if the winner has already been decided.
  • Round Setting – Adjust the number of rounds required to win a game.
  • Match Time Settings – Set the time limit for a round.
  • CPU Difficulty – If playing against the CPU, determine their difficulty.

Street Fighter V: Arcade Edition is set to release for the PlayStation 4 on January 16.

[Source: Capcom]