Dragon Ball FighterZ Anime Music and Commentator DLC Packs Delayed

Bandai Namco has revealed some bad news for those that pre-ordered the Ultimate Edition of Dragon Ball Fighterz. Two DLC packs that were going to be included in the Ultimate Edition, the Anime Music pack and Commentator Voice pack, have been delayed until beyond the game’s release. While those that buy the Ultimate Edition will still get the packs, they’ll just have to wait until they can download it.

Bandai Namco revealed updated release dates for the DLC packs on Twitter:

Bandai Namco provides a bit more context on their Facebook page:

We want to thank our fans once again for their patience as we use the remaining weeks before the launch of Dragon Ball FighterZ to make sure the game is developed to the highest levels of quality and fun. As a token of our appreciation, we will be including four additional stamps and one additional Lobby Avatar within the Dragon Ball FighterZ Ultimate Edition Pack.

Dragon Ball FighterZ releases next month. Check out our E3 preview:

As far as the core action goes, Dragon Ball FighterZ has a lot in common with other Arc System Works fighting games. The standard light, medium and heavy attacks are present, but a fourth attack button unleashes special attacks. Similar to Persona 4 Arena Ultimax, there’s also an easy to access combo for each character that consists of hitting the same attack button repeatedly. This won’t be a tactic used by skilled players, as more devastating combos can be strung together, but it’s a great way to let beginners stay competitive.

Most of the special attacks in the game involve doing quarter circle combinations. For example, a forward quarter circle plus the special attack button (cross on a DualShock 4) will unleash Goku’s Kamehameha attack. These moves are definitely useful, especially at range, but the real damage comes from unleashing the game’s super special attacks. These moves cost Ki to use (which works like a super meter), and often come with cinematic cutscenes. This meant when I unleashed Gohan’s Father Son Kamehameha, I got to see a brief scene that showed Goku working together with his beloved son.

Dragon Ball FighterZ will release January 26 on PlayStation 4, Xbox One, and PC.

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