Build Strike Gundam & Farsia Finally Coming to Gundam Versus

Finally, after a long wait, a Gundam from the mainline Gundam Build Fighters series gets added to a Gundam VS game. While we already had Meijin Kawaguchi III’s Hot Scramble Gundam from the side story Gundam Build Fighters: Amazing Ready as a pre-order exclusive unit in the PlayStation 4 game Gundam Versus, this marks for the first time ever a unit from the mainline series getting added. Bandai Namco has just announced that the Build Strike Gundam (Full Package), piloted by Reiji, will be available to add to the Gundam Versus roster as DLC.

The Full Package version of Build Strike Gundam has an in-game cost of 300 and comes equipped with Beam Saber as the main melee weapon, Beam Rifle as the main ranged weapon, and Large Beam Cannon as the sub ranged weapon. It can charge forward with the Build Booster by inputting the special ranged attack command and the Chobham Shield with the special melee attack.

The Build Strike Gundam DLC will also come with Gundam Build Fighters‘ second opening song, BACK-ON’s wimp ft. Lil’ Fang (from FAKY), as a selectable BGM.

Gundam Versus Farsia

Build Strike Gundam is not the only unit revealed today, as Bandai Namco has also announced Yurin Leciel’s Farsia from Mobile Suit Gundam AGE. With an in-game cost of 300, it is equipped with Beam Saber as the main melee weapon and Beam Vulcan as the main ranged weapon. It can also launch its Farsia Bits as a special ranged attack. Desil Galette’s Zedas will appear to launch support attacks in the special melee and burst attacks.

Bandai Namco has announced the DLC release schedule for Gundam Versus for the next three weeks. It will begin with God/Burning Gundam and Master Gundam on January 23, then Yurin Leciel’s Farsia and Fred Reber’s Gundam Pixie on January 30, and finally the Build Strike Gundam will be out on February 6 together with Doug Schneid’s Efreet.

[Source: Bandai Namco]