Majin Android 21 Revealed for Dragon Ball FighterZ

One of the biggest questions surrounding Dragon Ball FighterZ was the status of Android 21. The character is being introduced in the Arc System Works fighting game, and many fans wondered if she was only there for the story. It turns out that she is playable, although it’s not in her regular form.

The latest V-Jump magazine confirms that Majin Android 21 will be a playable character. In fact, she’s the final character confirmed for the Dragon Ball FighterZ launch roster (although more characters will be added as DLC in the future). ShonenGamez has the full scan of her debut appearance.

For even more on the fighting game, you can check out our E3 2017 Dragon Ball FighterZ preview in order to learn more. Here’s a snippet of what I had to say about it:

Since it is a Dragon Ball game, there’s also a big focus on mobility. By hitting the right trigger, players can use a special homing dash that’ll avoid Ki attacks. That’s not all, as they can also do a warp attack called Vanish that has players teleport behind their opponent and land an attack. That costs a gauge of energy, though, so it’s important that these special moves are used in moderation.

The fighting in Dragon Ball FighterZ is just as fun as it looks. The combat is instantly accessible to anyone that has played a fighting game, but there’s enough unique systems in play that competitive players will have to spend plenty of time learning the ins and outs. Going off of Arc System Works’ track record, this isn’t a game that Dragon Ball fans will want to miss out on.

Dragon Ball FighterZ will release for PlayStation 4, Xbox One, and PC on January 26, 2018.

[Source: ShonenGamez]