Destiny 2 Xur Location and Inventory Guide for January 26 – January 29, 2018

It’s Friday, which means that it’s time for our Destiny 2 Xur location and inventory guide. Unlike Destiny 1, where Xur was always present in a social space, the mysterious vendor can now be found out in the exploration zones. His currency is Legendary Shards, which can be obtained by breaking down legendary and exotic gear. Xur now stays from reset Friday morning until the weekly reset on Tuesday, so no more worrying about getting to him within a 48 hour window.

This week, Xur is on Titan. Fast travel to The Rig and head left to find Xur just inside one of the rooms. You’ll have to drop down a couple of levels as you head towards him. You can mark his location on your map. This week, Xur is selling Sweet Business auto rifle for 29 shards. The Graviton Forfeit Hunter helmet is available for 23 shards. You can get the Dunemarchers Titan boots for 23 shards. And finally, the Skull of Dire Ahamkara Warlock helmet for 23 shards.

Note that any exotics from Curse of Osiris will require the expansion in order to purchase them. 

Xur also sells a Fated Exotic Engram for 97 shards, and a Three of Coins consumable for 31 shards.

The Sweet Business auto rifle is is Destiny 2’s only LMG. The gatling gun needs to spin up for a few moments, but once it does, it unleashes a destructive stream of terror for anyone unlucky enough to be on the other end. Titans are lucky enough to have access to the Actium War Rig chest piece that will ensure the stream of bullets lasts even longer.

Graviton Forfeit is a returning helmet for Destiny 1. It’s exotic perk will increase the duration of any invisibility effects and make the Hunter melee recharge faster while invisible. This can be a very useful exotic for PVP if you like to play around with swords, or it can be great in PVE if you have friends that die often and need to sneak over for the revive. It’s worth picking one of these up to have in your back pocket for sneaky Hunter play.

Dunemarchers are great for the Titan that wants to go fast. These boots increase your sprint speed and allows sprinting to build up a static charge that will chain to enemies when you melee them. Honestly, as a Titan, if you’re going to be running into the fray and punching things anyway, why not equip an exotic that will give you a little boost while you do it? These are a staple Titan exotic and one that every Titan main ought to have in their arsenal.

Skull of Dire Ahamkara will increase defense will casting Nova Bomb, so it’s unlikely to be shot out of midair. It also grants additional super energy on Nova Bomb kills, so it’s useful for Warlocks who like to run the void subclass. While there are plenty of better exotic items to choose for Warlocks, the chance that sandbox updates make this one useful is high, so it’s good to add to the collection.

The Fated Engram is limited to one per account per week, and guarantees an exotic item that you haven’t yet gotten. The Three of Coins consumable will increase the chance for exotic engram drops from all sources for four hours. A single consumable costs 31 shards.

Earlier this month, Bungie released a massive list of changes coming to Destiny 2 over the next few months, and hinted that Dead Ghosts or other collectibles will be making a return. They have also committed to moving away from Eververse, and granting rewards through activities. The start of those changes will happen next week, in the January update. We’ve got a series of Destiny 2 guides, including an endgame guide for after the campaign, a step-by-step Raid guide, and a guide on how to trigger all heroic public events.

Which items are you picking up from Xur this week?