The Latest Free Destiny Webcomic, Fall of Osiris Part 2, is Available Now

The deep lore is arguably one of the best parts of Destiny. Bungie has decided to start telling additional stories in the form of a free Destiny webcomic, which recounts events of times and characters that they can’t tell directly in-game. The first comic, Fall of Osiris Part 1, detailed Osiris finding a larger threat than the Fallen or the Hive. Osiris discovered that the Vex posed the biggest danger, and as such became engrossed in researching them, shirking his Vanguard leadership duties. He also believes that as much as the Traveler has helped humanity, it is also a herald of doom. His science was picked up as a religion, teachings that the Speaker cast as heresy. The book was banned, and Osiris’s cult following clamored for it even more.

The second Destiny webcomic, Fall of Osiris Part 2, picks up where the first one left off and dives further into Osiris’s fall and the growing rift between him and the Speaker. Ikora Rey, ever a devoted student, tries to be a voice of reason and balance, but we are well aware how this story ends and where Osiris winds up.

You can read Destiny: The Fall of Osiris Part 2 on Bungie’s site. You can view the first part of the story there too, if you missed it. The first comic included a secret code for an emblem in Destiny 2, and you can bet the community has their eyes peeled looking for one in issue 2.

Bungie has been doing a lot of work recently to resolve player complaints with Destiny 2 and make it a game that they want to play again. The most recent patch added Masterwork armor and Raid armor mods, which both give a whole new motivation to play. Iron Banner is also active in Destiny 2 this week. New armor ornaments and a selection of new weapons are available. They’ve promised even more updates to come, and we can expect to see some of them in a February update for the game.