Destiny 2 Update Fixes Lost Sector Exploits, Crimson Days Now Live

The latest Destiny 2 update brings just a couple of small changes, along with decorating the Tower in red for the Crimson Days event. Hotfix removes the Lost Sector throttle that was a quick fix for a previous exploit, now making it so that players can only open one Lost Sector chest per boss defeated. Here are the very brief patch notes.

Destiny Update The one about Lost Sectors.


  • Removed Lost Sector throttles
  • Players may now only open a Lost Sector Chest once per boss defeated

Now that maintenance is complete, Crimson Days is active for the next week, and add a new Crucible map to the game. This update is a hotfix paired with the Crimson Days event, and not the big update 1.1.3 that will release at the end of the month. Bungie offered a lot of details on the changes and updates to Crimson Days earlier this week. If you can’t yet play Crimson Days because you are away from your PS4, watch the trailer and listen to Shaxx yell a lot.

Bungie recently acknowledged that shaders are an issue in Destiny 2 and highlighted why it’s taking so long to find the right fix for them. Late last year, I wrote about how Destiny 2 suffers from reward impermanence by taking symbols of our victories and accomplishments and shuffling them away behind the game’s convoluted microtransaction system, leaving actual in-game accomplishments to feel meaningless in comparison. Earlier this month, Bungie detailed a lot of changes coming over the next few months to make players feel like legends again, while decreasing the prominence of Eververse and microtransactions. This update fulfills more of those promises, and they’ve detailed how the next update will remove the timer mechanic from the Nightfall.

With the big end-of-month patch only two weeks away, we’re likely to get additional details from Bungie soon on what exactly they’ve been able to cram into the coming Destiny 2 update. Today’s small fix is only a bandage, where the major updates will do surgery to change the game.

[Source: Bungie]