Ubisoft Announces Big Changes for Rainbow Six Siege Year 3 Game Editions

Ubisoft has announced some big changes for Rainbow Six Siege‘s various editions that’ll come into effect with the start of year 3.

With the launch of Operation Chimera on March 6, Ubisoft will remove Renown cost of the original 20 operators for all players who own the Standard, Advanced, Gold, or Complete editions. Alongside this, the Renown cost of attachments for all operators will be removed. While this is good news for those who plan to purchase the game, players who have already worked hard to unlock the aforementioned content will be disappointed to note that “technical limitations” prevent Ubisoft from issuing refunds.

The studio also announced that those who purchase the Starter edition on or after March 6 will receive 6 random operators and 600 R6 Credits. Players will get 3 random Attackers and 3 random Defenders from among the following:


• Ash

• Thermite

• Thatcher

• Fuze

• Sledge


• Rook

• Mute

• Smoke

• Jager

• Kapkan

These 10 operators, according to Ubisoft, are easy for newcomers to come to grips with. “By unlocking 3 Operators on Attack and another 3 on Defense, it means that Starter Edition players will have a better chance of an unlocked Operator being available to them in a match, as opposed to their 1-2 Operators being picked by someone else on the team,” wrote the developer.

For more information, head over to Rainbow 6 Siege‘s website.