Compile Heart Announces Mary Skelter 2 for PS4

Following a leak in February, Compile Heart has officially announced Mary Skelter 2 for PlayStation 4. The game will release in Japan on June 28. A Western release hasn’t been announced but Mary Skelter: Nightmares made its way to the West so here’s hoping.

A remake of Nightmares will be included in the package, with several system improvements based on player feedback.

Check out a teaser trailer and opening movie above, and information on improvements below (translation courtesy of Gematsu):

As a game, Mary Skelter is labeled a “puzzle solving x panic x active 3D dungeon RPG,” and its story and systems incorporate the concepts of “blood” and “madness.” In Mary Skelter 2, those properties are further reinforced. It will feature a previously untold story full of madness, as well as powered-up blood systems.

The following existing systems have been improved based on user feedback:

  • Dungeon Map Size Adjustments – The sizes of dungeon maps have been slightly adjusted from the original game.
  • “Automatic Feature” Added to Jail Roulette – After receiving feedback that the Jail Roulette system sometimes obstructs the battle tempo, a setting to turn Manual and Automatic either on or off has been added.
  • Two Times the Balance Adjustment Period – In order to balance the game and make it more enjoyable, more than twice the amount of balance adjustment time has been taken over the original game.
  • Two Times the Debug Work Period – In order to eliminate problems such as the many bugs that appeared in the original game, more than twice the amount of debugging has been done over the original game.
  • Various Features Added to the Warehouse – Various features have been added to the warehouse, including: a sort function, the ability to use gift items as they are in the warehouse, and materials necessary for quests are counted in the warehouse.
  • Quest System Enhancements – The quest system, which gave off a plain feeling, has been enhanced.
  • Jail Roulette Entries Renewal and “Growth Area” System Changes – Jail Roulette entries have been renewed as to further enjoy the nature of the game. Additionally, the conditions for the appearance of “Growth Areas” have changed. Rather than by luck, Growth Areas can be unlocked during standard play.
  • Display Method of the Jail’s Mood Changed – The display method of the Jail’s mood has changed to a notification message that automatically pops up.
  • Other significant revisions have been applied based on user feedback.

We’ll update our readers if/when a Western release is announced.

[Source: Gematsu]