‘Working With Marvel is a F**king Nightmare,’ Details Surface About Marvel’s MvCI Demands

Competitive fighting game player Jonathan Parkes didn’t have pleasant things to say about working with Marvel. Parkes, who worked on promotional videos for Marvel vs. Capcom: Infinite, revealed during a Twitch stream that the entertainment giant had several demands. These included not letting Capcom characters beat up any Marvel heroes, and they required specific pairings be shown.

“The [Marvel vs. Capcom: Infinite] character introduction videos, the ones they put on YouTube and stuff showing basic and intermediate combos, I was the one performing those combos,” revealed Parkes. “I helped make those videos, and working with Marvel is a fucking nightmare. They want so many specific things in place. They wouldn’t allow us to do the combos on any Marvel character because they didn’t like the idea of a Capcom character beating up a Marvel character in a promotional video. So they would only allow any combos performed on a Capcom character. They [also] wanted specific pairings, they wanted Hulk paired up with Ryu. ”

For even more on the fighting game, check out my Marvel vs. Capcom: Infinite review. Here’s a snippet of what I had to say about Capcom’s latest fighter:

Like many other Marvel vs. Capcom fans, I was slightly concerned about the character roster of Infinite. Despite not having missing some big names like Wolverine and losing some of my favorite characters in 3 (I miss you Phoenix Wright), I still found plenty to like about its 30 characters. New additions like Captain Marvel are a blast to learn, and I never felt like I was limited in my character selection. It’s a diverse roster filled with fun to play characters, and it’ll only get stronger when DLC characters like Black Panther and Monster Hunter get added in the future.

It ultimately doesn’t matter if you’re upset with the roster, because at the end of the day Marvel vs. Capcom: Infinite is a great way to spend a night with friends. The combat feels smooth, the depth is there for dedicated players, and it’s a much more feature-complete offering when compared to the launch version of Street Fighter V. There’s a ton here to like, and those who dismiss it will only be missing out on one of Capcom’s finest fighting games.

Marvel vs. Capcom: Infinite is available now.

[Source: Twitch via ResetERA]