The Good Life Has Relaunched its Kickstarter, Looking to Fund Game Again

After a disappointing attempt to get funded via the crowdfunding site Fig, Swery65’s The Good Life is making a return to the crowdfunding world, relaunching its Kickstarter page in an attempt to once again get the game made. The game is currently hoping for a campaign goal of $647,910, with a Q3 2019 release date as the target. According to the Kickstarter for the game, The Good Life will cost players $29 on Steam and $39 on PlayStation 4, and will feature online multiplayer as well.

You can check out a trailer for the game below:

For more on the possibly upcoming game, check out some information on The Good Life below:

The main character of this game is a female New Yorker named Naomi. In order to pay off her debt, she took a job from a newspaper company in NY and moved to the ‘happiest town in the world.’ This game chronicles all the bizarre things she experiences during her time in the town.

The only way for her to escape from debt hell is to take pictures of happenings in the town and report on them. Of course, ‘the happiest town in the world’ is not your average town…

The inhabitants of the happiest town in the world are some of the most bizarre people you’ll ever come across. You’ll live alongside them as you solve mysteries and experience a hearty helping of craziness. We’re sure that you’ll eventually come to love all the mystery, horror, and good old charm that this town has to offer.

We’ll make sure to share more information regarding The Good Life as more comes to light.