Fortnite Servers Down for Update 1.51, Adding Guided Missiles and More

Fortnite servers are currently down for maintenance. Epic Games says to expect “extended downtime” as they release version 3.4 (patch 1.51) for their popular free-to-play shooter. While the Fortnite update 1.51 patch notes haven’t been released yet (we’ll be posting them as soon as they are available), we do know that guided missiles, and a “Three Huskateers” questline are being added “soon.” They’re likely a part of today’s patch.

Here’s the official announcement about the Fortnite servers downtime:

Another fan requested feature is Fortnite PS4-Xbox crossplay. Here’s what Epic Games CEO Tim Sweeney had to say about it recently, and why he thinks it is “inevitable”:

You can mark Epic Games CEO Tim Sweeney as one that believes that cross-platform play is the future. The studio head gave a talk at GDC titled “State of Unreal,” and spoke about how Fortnite PS4 Xbox crossplay could one day be a reality. In fact, he thinks its a certain.

“I think it’s inevitable now,” proclaimed Sweeney. “Games have become social experiences in the same way that Facebook or Twitter have, and these experiences only really make sense if gamers can communicate with all of their friends. For Sony and Microsoft to support their customers well they have to be open to all their customer’s friends – their real world friends. Like kids in school have their friends, and do you expect this platform schism to divide them into two separate groups that can’t play together? No. It’s got to come together now. That one remaining barrier will inevitably come down.”

Fortnite is available now.