No Man’s Sky Coming to Xbox One Alongside Next Big Update

It’s been a bit of a bumpy road for No Man’s Sky, but now that the game has been out for some time and had a chance to spread its wings, it’s gotten a lot better. Today, Hello Games has announced that not only will No Man’s Sky be launching for Xbox One later this year, but a brand new update to the game will be coming as well.

The new update – titled NEXT, thanks to creator Sean Murray dubbing it the “next step” in the journey of the game – is billed by Hello Games as the biggest update that the game has seen. While nothing has been revealed as to what NEXT will hold in store, if it’s anything like the last two updates to hit the game, expect some wild changes and additions. According to the studio (via Eurogamer), the NEXT update will follow in the footsteps of the No Man’s Sky Foundation, Pathfinder, and Atlas Rises updates, which all expanded the scope of the game.

For more on No Man’s Sky, make sure to check out the patch notes for the latest update to the game that launched back in October:

New save system
  • You will now be presented with 5 save-game slots (each of which can be used for any game mode). Your existing saves will be mapped into these slots
  • Selecting an empty slot will start a new game, allowing you to then pick which game mode to play from the mode select menu
  • There are now two sub-slots for each save-game – one for auto saves, one for manual saves
  • Starting a new game with no existing saves will take you directly to mode select
Improvements & changes
  • Made the temperature range of dead planets more varied
  • In-flight weather effects now vary in strength based on height
  • The Analysis Visor can now be used to scan farm plants and see the remaining growth time
  • Analysis Visor can scan ships to determine their class, type and value at a distance
  • The Analysis Visor can be used to see the approximate distance of resources discovered with the Scanner
  • Added error message when no outpost is found by the economy scanner
  • Added the ability to skip black bars when discovering a planet or solar system
  • Prevented the cursor being reset to the center of the page as you switch between pause menus
  • Trade outposts now provide hazard protection
  • Added a chance for pirates to spawn earlier than usual when a player warps into a certain systems, to add more variety to exploration and trading
  • Galactic map now respects user mouse sensitivity settings
  • Galactic map now respects user control inversion settings
  • Prevented trade terminals having a negative quantity of stock
  • Made trading terminal stock values replenish over time
  • Separated stock levels for trading posts and space stations in the same system
  • Lush biomes in survival mode now occasionally exist without an aggressive sentinel presence
  • Reduced cursor UI slowdown when using a pad
  • Improved NPC ship target selection in space battles, prevented them reacting to accidental player fire
  • Added exotic ship audio for AI and NPC ships
  • Added ability to transfer items to and from containers in your base or freighter
  • Added tooltip text to explain the planet icons on the discovery page
  • Added ability to sell items from ship cargo slots at terminals
  • Storms on humid/lush planets are no longer toxic; humid/lush planets now have a chance of their rain being very hot. Note: no new storms have been added, and the frequency of storms has not been adjusted. Humid planets that previously had freezing rain storms in 1.3 have had that storm type changes to heated rain.
  • Added ability to transfer items from cargo slots during maintenance interactions
  • Improved trading by giving NPCs independent stock levels
  • Made NPCs who give directions refer to a wider spread of locations
  • Added ability to rebind the discard key

No Man’s Sky is available now.

[Source: Eurogamer]