2MD VR Football release date

2MD: VR Football Release Window Revealed, Coming to PlayStation VR

If you’re an avid football fan and have a PlayStation VR in hand, then you’re in luck. The guys at Truant Pixel have revealed that 2MD: VR Football is set to debut on the virtual reality platform sometime this spring.

The VR title tasks players with the role of a quarterback as they strive for victory during the game’s final moments. Customize your team, draft the plays, pass the ball around, and ensure your team wins the championship in an immersive, VR-controlled experience. While the 2MD: VR Football release date is certainly vague at the moment, we are still thrilled to experience a semi-realistic simulator pretty soon nonetheless.

2MD will adapt fun, arcade-style mechanics packed into two minutes of thrills, sweat, and (quite possibly) some screaming as you take down your opponents. It also promises accurate throwing techniques as well as the ability to play even while sitting.

Maher Al-Samkari, president of Truant Pixel, was attracted to the idea after experiencing the potential that virtual reality titles are capable of. This compelled him and the team to design “an engaging, physically active experience that would best utilize the technology and the available space, even when the room to move around might be limited,” he explained on the official PlayStation Blog.

The team was also inspired by the various two-minute drill arcade experiences found in older titles, noting it would be perfectly suitable as a PlayStation VR entry. The idea is to make the game fun and quick to learn, yet challenging to master.

2MD: VR Football reportedly provides a unique VR experience not currently found on the platform. As the player in charge, you can pass the ball to a teammate or even perform the job yourself thanks to the complete freedom in designing offensive plays. This consists of arranging up to eight teams that can be flipped to provide 16 total plays.

Players can take the realism one step further by calling audibles via speech recognition technology or through traditional controllers. Al-Samkari also promises that “no two plays will turn out the same” thanks to an AI that gets increasingly trickier as you play through an intense, seven-round match.

Exclusive to PlayStation VR includes the talent from various professional voice actors who have worked on the likes of Super Smash Bros and Persona 5. In addition, players can expect music by new hip-hop artist K. Carter, with the hit song Down the Field prominently featured.

Expect 2MD: VR Football to touch down in your living room this spring. In the meantime, you can catch a piece of the action in this exciting game trailer:

[Via: PlayStation blog]