Mugsters PS4 trailer

New Mugsters Trailer and Details Released – Here’s What to Expect

Publisher Team 17 has just released a brand new trailer for their alien-bashing, action puzzler title, Mugsters.

Developed by Reinkout, Mugsters revolves around a lone hero who must save the planet from total alien annihilation and slavery. Your job is to leverage everything at your disposal to kick alien butt and ultimately free humanity.

The game leverages an advanced physics engine which allows you to creatively outsmart enemies by experimenting with vehicles, explosives, traps, and various environmental objects. Players have everything at their disposal to break out prisoners, collect a variety of power-ups, and gain additional skills as the game progresses.

Mugsters’ puzzle elements will have you dodging alien abduction rays, rocket turrets, and many dangerous traps along the way. Break through walls, use a variety of vehicles, and blow up just about anything that moves until the world is rid of those pesky, menacing creatures.

You also have the choice to play the game in any given order, in addition to jumping into two-player local co-op action.

This game trailer shows some of the many things you can expect:

Game developer Riku Tamminen had previously worked on multiple mobile titles over the years. He is now thrilled to be backed by Team 17, an experienced publisher that’s proudly been around since 1990. They have released hit games such as Alien Breed and multiple titles in the long-running Worms franchise.

Despite a somewhat cliche premise, Mugsters still manages to show great potential and we can’t wait to get our hands on it. There is no word yet on an exact release date, but we are eagerly expecting the game to arrive sometime in 2018 for PlayStation 4, Xbox One, Nintendo Switch, and PC.

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