Thrustmaster Far Cry 5 Headphones Giveaway – Win Two, One for You and One for a Friend!

Far Cry 5  is a fun open-world game that blends the absolutely absurd with the dark and twisted. If you want a game that has a murderous doomsday cult, a mission to send a man into space, and the ability to tenderize animals and people with the front end of a tractor, Far Cry 5 has you covered on all fronts. One of the biggest bonuses to Far Cry 5 is the ability to play the entire game in co-op with your friends. If you need a better headset to communicate, we’ve got you covered. Along with some help from the fine folks over at Thrustmaster, we’re offering the chance for one person to win pairs of Far Cry 5 headphones, just for PlayStation LifeStyle readers.

One (1) Grand Prize Winners:

  •  Two (2) Thrustmaster Far Cry 5 Headphones

How to Enter

Entry is simple. Visit our Facebook page and comment, like, and share the giveaway post. You can also head over to our Twitter (@PSLifeStyle) to follow us and retweet the giveaway tweet. And finally, simply drop a comment below telling us what you love most about roaming around Far Cry 5’s open world with a friend and why. Bonus points for creative and unique answers! Our readers are our most important asset, so we want to hear from you. We’re spreading the winners out across our site and social media platforms, so be sure to enter all of them for a bigger chance to win.

Contest is open to anyone worldwide.

The giveaway is running through Saturday, April 7, and we’ll be selecting the winners early next week. If you are selected as a winner, we will be sending you a request for shipping address through your contact information on the channel you won from (Facebook, Twitter, Disqus email). Please make sure your Disqus email is up to date and accurate to receive the notification email.

Our Far Cry 5 review praised what we believe to be the best Far Cry villain yet, even if there are some major stumbling blocks on the way.

Far Cry 5 takes steps forward by upping the stakes with a sinister villain and bold new setting, while also stumbling backwards with its non-linear approach and separation of character progression from the world. A silent protagonist and convenient MacGuffin undermine the imposing nature of The Father and Eden’s Gate, though I still think Joseph Seed is the best Far Cry villain yet. Clear effort went into making sure Far Cry in America would work, as well as giving the player a lot of freedom. Those pieces came at the expense of meaningful progression and solid narrative structure to fully support the ominous cast. It handles the balance between goofy and serious clumsily, leaving me not quite sure which it wants to be more. For both better and worse, Far Cry 5 is a far cry from those that came before, though it’s still a lot of fun to play.

Good luck in our Thrustmaster Far Cry 5 headphones giveaway!