Washington Governor Visits Bungie, Tweets Pictures From the Studio

Washington Governor Jay Inslee stopped by Bungie the other day to help get a better understanding of a developer within the gaming industry that impacts his state. Bungie is located in Bellevue, Washington, near Seattle. Inslee posted a few photos from the studio, including talking to DeeJ in the lobby, meeting the famed Fallen Captain statue, and checking out Bungie’s high-quality motion-capture studio. Bungie is a major part of the gaming industry in Washington. Microsoft and other studios have offices nearby as well.

Government taking a genuine interest in video games in how the multi-billion dollar industry impacts their economy is an important thing. Recent news shows that various state and federal governments are starting to look at video games for a variety of reasons, from loot boxes to violence. It’s nice to see a member of the government show an authentic interest in the deeper mechanics of the medium and the people who work hard to bring it to players.

Neither Inslee nor Bungie have gone into additional details about the meeting. It’s unknown if this is simply an elected official getting to know the major industries in his state or if there is a further agenda for the visit. We doubt that Inslee is a character in the next DLC, but it’s great that video games are getting recognized on a wider scale outside of controversies that invite governments’ watchful eyes.

Bungie has recently faced scrutiny from fans for a number of decisions made with Destiny 2. They have been actively working to address feedback and resolve player criticisms, most recently with Destiny 2 update 1.1.4, known as the “Go Fast Update.” With the release of Expansion 2 now looming on the horizon, expect to hear more from Bungie shortly about what’s next for Destiny 2.