Skyforge Overgrowth Expansion

Skyforge Receives New Overgrowth Expansion Along with Exciting Anniversary Plans

Skyforge has enjoyed quite a bit of support since it launched back in 2015. Now developer Allods Entertainment has announced that the MMORPG’s newest expansion, Overgrowth, is freely available for PlayStation 4, Xbox One, and PC gamers as of April 11, 2018.

Overgrowth introduces a wide variety of features to the core game in the form of a new class, enhanced story missions, and a brand new challenges system.

Skyforge – Overgrowth release trailer:

The expansion officially introduces the Grovewalkers, which are highly proficient in the use of wild nature magic. In addition to their quick movement abilities, these mages specialize in long-range attacks and can shape themselves into powerful tanks for large scale battles.

Here’s a small excerpt as described by the development team:

“The Grovewalkers are born protectors. They derive their power from nature itself, easily calling on its forces. Powerful roots twine around enemies, and seeds dropped into the soil grow into carnivorous plants.”

Overgrowth also focuses on Tessa’s return, otherwise known as the Goddess of Flowers. After being driven away from her home planet by a Phytonide invasion, she makes a move to fight and restore peace in the world. Since the Grovewalkers are incapable of corruption, will they be willing to lend Tessa a hand?

The game’s challenge system, meanwhile, awards players with special titles upon completing specified achievements throughout their quest. In addition, players who have already unlocked their divine form can choose from three Adventure-based difficulty levels to really crank up the heat.

Skyforge is also celebrating their newest anniversary through May 2 with an event known as Aelion Day. This grants players access to new quests, decorations, and relics.

Be sure to grab the free Overgrowth expansion, available now on PlayStation 4, Xbox One, and PC. Looking to learn more about the game? Hop on to our Skyforge PS4 preview article and let us know what you think.