Code 51 release date

Code 51: Mech Arena is Fighting its Way to PSVR Later this Month

Developer Smellyriver has revealed that Code 51: Mech Arena is coming to PSVR on April 24. Talk about coming soon!

The game is reasonably described as a “wasteland-style mech arena game. Set in the year 2040 AD, humanity is left to survive the aftermath of World War III. The catastrophic event had depleted most energy and food resources, setting a bleak future for mankind.

That is, until a new document is discovered which documents a mysterious energy source known only as Code 51. This source had given birth to powerful, unstoppable mechs, which humans immediately leverage to build factions and take control of various territories.

The game features nine, fully customizable mechs with different weapons and abilities that emphasize speed, attacks, and defenses. Players see the world from a cockpit perspective that promises maximum immersion through the use of VR technology.

This Code 51: Mech Arena gameplay video shows exactly what to expect from the game:

Unlike most VR games, the developer promises there’s no need to play while standing or even moving extensively. Whether this is a good or a bad thing is entirely up to you.

In addition to a traditional single-player mode, players can fight in multiplayer deathmatches with friends or against the computer. The game also offers at least three playable maps, though not many details have yet been released on that front.

While similar games weren’t as well-received (Archangel immediately comes to mind) we can only hope Code 51 truly delivers the goods.

Prepare for battle when Code 51: Mech Arena arrives on PSVR this April 24.

[Via: UploadVR]