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There’s “No Propaganda” in Kingdom Come: Deliverance, Says Director

Warhorse Studios’ co-founder and creative director, Daniel Vavra, has said that Kingdom Come: Deliverance has been wrongly accused of promoting his political views and that there’s “no propaganda” in Warhorse’s debut title.

Those who’ve been following Kingdom Come: Deliverance will be aware that Vavra came under fire for some of his controversial tweets regarding history and politics, and the game was criticized by some for what they consider an inaccurate portrayal of history. Vavra has previously lashed out at his critics, noting that Warhorse consulted experts on the subject.

Speaking at Reboot Develop, the director reiterated his stance.

I wrote ten per cent of the game. Six other people wrote it with me. There’s an anarchist sitting with me in the office, there are liberal guys sitting with me in the office. So it has no propaganda because there are more people with the opposite political views to what I have in the same office. We didn’t kill each other, we’re able to cooperate so it’s ridiculous.

There was an article in a mainstream magazine saying there was a Silk Road going from Olomouc, a Moravian city, to Prague. I hope that everyone who attended elementary school knows that the Silk Road ran from China to Turkey. There are maps on Google that show exactly where it went but we are bad, because we are lying because Silk Roads went to Prague, which is an absolutely ridiculous statement.

Vavra also lamented journalists who used his political views against him and noted that Kotaku and Germany’s Gamestar were the only two publications that were willing to have a discussion with him without bias.

[Source: Games Industry]