Detroit: Become Human Rewards Players With Bonus Content for Replaying Scenes

Last week when we had a chance to go hands on with Detroit: Become Human, we discovered that players can get their hands on bonus content for replaying the various scenes in the game. At the end of each scene, a flowchart shows what options were discovered and which nodes remain locked off. For each node unlocked, players will earn points. A pop-up dialogue box informed us that points earned through discovering nodes can be used to unlock bonus content.

Points will be earned during initial playthroughs–as can be seen by playing the Detroit: Become Human demo currently available on the PlayStation Store–but returning to scenes and replaying them will reward players with additional points as they discover more nodes and paths. When I asked what kind bonus content these points would unlock, one of the developers indicated it was “concept art, and stuff like that,” which means that we don’t have any real specifics yet on rewards are available. Checkpoints can easily be selected so that players don’t have to play through the entire game or make manual saves at major junctures.

It’s great to see Quantic Dream encouraging replayability. It shows confidence that they aren’t hiding any smoke and mirrors to course-correct paths. They want players to experience every little part of their game, and if seeing each and every story path play out isn’t enough, they are offering other bonus incentives to keep invested players coming back.

Detroit: Become Human has officially gone gold a month ahead of its May 25 release. Our hands-on time with the game also revealed Detroit’s difficulty options, both a casual option for players that want the story, and an experienced setting for players that want a little bit more risk in their characters’ lives.

Do you plan on replaying scenes to get more Detroit: Become Human bonus content, or will only be going through the story once?