Zanki Zero trailer

New Zanki Zero: Last Beginning Character Trailer and Preorder Details

Spike Chunsoft has just released a spankin’ new trailer for Zanki Zero: Last Beginning, which showcases the game’s main characters.

Check out the new Zanki Zero trailer here:

Here’s a quick rundown on the main characters:

Haruto Higurashi: Described as a humorless and serious character, he simply wants to educate and protect people through his publications.

Ryo Mikajime: A social butterfly who may seem a bit shallow, but is deeply loved by the crowds.

Zen Kubota: A highly experienced farmer who knows just about everything about survival

Mamoru Ichiyo: A muscular, intelligent, and charming doctor.

Rinko Susukino: A florist described as hard-working, but a bit absent-minded.

Yuma Mashiro: A rich and elusive woman with a cold, selfish attitude.

Minamo Setiouchi: A family-oriented police officer with a strong sense of justice.

Sachika Hirasaka: Though somewhat naive, she always wants to learn new things and is infinitely curious.

Sho Terashima: A television show assistant who also aides the remaining characters in their continued survival.

Mirai: A television show host with a similar role as Sho Terashima in the game.

The company also revealed that preorders in Japan will include a physical soundtrack containing 17 songs from the game, including the Japanese version and short English version of the ending theme song.

In an effort to entice early sales, players can also expect the Survival Item Set DLC packed with various weapons and armor sets.

Zanki Zero: Last Beginning is all about exploration and survival. Players are introduced to vast and immersive ruins, dungeons, and islands as eight protagonists through the entire journey. Set in a post-apocalyptic setting, these characters consistently “fight for survival and search for meaning in their never-ending cycles of life and death.”

The game is scheduled for release on PlayStation 4 and PS Vita on July 5 in Japan, followed by PC and and PS4 in North America at a later date.

[Via: Gematsu]