Fortnite is Now the Biggest F2P Console Game of All Time

Fortnite has officially been crowned the biggest free-to-play console game of all time as it generates record-breaking revenues and monthly active users. A new report by SuperData Research reveals that the game earned $223 million across all platforms in March, which is a staggering increase of 73 percent from February! According to the company, the increase can partly be attributed to the release of a John Wick skin and new season of the Battle Pass.

Fortnite has also surpassed PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds in terms of revenue and monthly active users on respective platforms. On iOS, the game claimed top spot in the United States during launch month, with SuperData noting that it has the “highest conversion rate of any free-to-play PC game in March.”

Elsewhere in the report, we’re told that Far Cry 5 has sold an estimated 2.5 million units digitally across all platforms. On consoles specifically, the game’s digital launch was up 500 percent from Far Cry Primal‘s. SuperData believes this not only indicates that the series is doing well but also that the digital market is continuing to grow.

Another highlight of the report is 2015’s Call of Duty: Black Ops III, which apparently still has an “impressive” audience. Activision’s continuous support for the game certainly helps.

You can find the full report on SuperData Research’s website.