God Eater 3 gameplay videos

Watch the Gameplay Videos of God Eater 3’s New Weapons Being Tested Against New Aragami Monsters

Bandai Namco is currently holding the first demo session of God Eater 3 in Tokyo, Japan, where Japanese media outlets and a limited number of public players are invited to try out the first gameplay demo build and give their feedback straight to the development team which is also attending the event.

One of the major Japanese game news sites, Dengeki, has uploaded a couple of gameplay videos taken from this session. Although they are not direct-feed, you should still be able to catch the actions of new God Arc weapons being tested against new Aragami monsters.

The first video above showcases the God Arc Biting Edge being used against Anubis. Biting Edge is a pair of short swords that can be temporarily conjoined to form a double voulge that delivers quicker attacks at the expense of the user’s stamina. Anubis is the first new Aragami revealed in God Eater 3 that can launch a Predator attack towards players to strengthen itself, making it able to walk bipedally.

Dengeki has also uploaded a gameplay video of the other new God Arc weapon, Heavy Moon, against the hovering female Aragami known as Habakiri. Heavy Moon is literally a moon-shaped blade, but this weapon also has a mode where it transforms into an axe, with the blade turning into chainsaws.

This demo session will culminate in a live stream tomorrow, on April 30 at 19:00 JST (11:00 BST, 06:00 EDT, 03:00 PDT), where Bandai Namco will summarize the feedback they received in the session while delivering more new information about the game.

God Eater 3 is currently under development by Bandai Namco’s Project G.E. team and Marvelous’ First Studio. It will be released worldwide for PlayStation 4 and PC via Steam, although a release window has not been announced yet as of this article.

[Source: Dengeki]