Now Loading: The Game That Got Away – Platinum Edition

We all have that game where we got so close to grabbing every single trophy, but for some reason were not able to close it out. There could be so many reason for this. Maybe you got tired of the grind that simply made the game dull to play. Perhaps the online community decided to just die, rendering certain trophies impossible to obtain. Sometimes there’s just a really tough trophy that requires a skill that we just can’t complete. Or in the case of someone on the staff, they lost their Vita, losing all progress in their games.

Whatever the reasons, we’ve all got at least one game where the chase for Platinum defeated us just when it was within our grasp. With many trophies (dead online communities and glitched trophies notwithstanding), it’s possible to continue to pursue them later, so maybe this exercise in looking back at our trophy failures could inspire us to pick up the games and work towards those Platinums once again. Or not.

With that in mind, we asked everyone on the staff about the one game that they came within a few trophies of obtaining that Platinum trophy, but regret not being able to seal the deal. Some of our trophy hunting overachievers decided to regale us with multiple stories of forever lost Platinums.

What do you think about our missed opportunities? Is there a specific game that you missed out on a Platinum that just bugs you every time you think about it? Let us know which nearly complete trophy lists bother you the most in the comments below.

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