PS Plus Extra, Premium Subscribers in US Get Bonus Game

PS Plus Extra, Premium Subscribers in US Get Bonus Game in October

PS Plus Extra and Premium subscribers in the United States have received a bonus game as part of their October 2023 lineups. The game in question is train simulator A-Train Express, which was only released in select regions.

PS Plus Extra, Premium October 2023 bonus game missing from Sony’s announcement

A-Train Express is a pretty niche game that many probably haven’t even heard of, considering its limited availability. Sony is no stranger to announcing niche games for PS Plus, but this one is nowhere to be seen in the official announcement, likely because it was originally released in Japan, followed by countries like South Korea, Brazil, and the U.S.

Nevertheless, A-Train Express is a $49.99 title that was added to this month’s Extra and Premium lineups, as spotted by folks over at TrueTrophies. The game is not available in other regions, including Europe.

A-Train Express is a PS4 game compatible with the original PSVR. PS5 players can play it via backward compatibility. The bad news is that TrueTrophies has pointed out that A-Train Express Platinum is unobtainable due to bugged trophies. But if trophy hunting isn’t your thing and you just want to enjoy a train ride, this bonus game is for you.