Upcoming Natural Disasters Full Expansion for Cities: Skylines Lets You Play God

It has already been announced before that the season pass for Cities: Skylines will include various DLC packs and full expansions. Snowfall already happened winter last year, and now, publisher Paradox Interactive has confirmed the next expansion happening on consoles.

Cities: Skylines – Natural Disasters is a full expansion of the original vanilla game which includes, you guessed it, natural disasters. The game lets players experience the thrill of bombarding their cities with various disasters, from tsunamis to a freaking meteor crashing down on the center of your city.  Players get to play mayor in the game, planning things like civilian escape routes, warning systems, and more. Not only that, players also get to decide when these disasters are coming, letting them “play God” and test out their own system of survival at their own whim.

The game is already released on Steam for quite some time, and here’s an overview of the expansion via their page there:


Natural Disasters features a catalog of catastrophes to challenge mayor-players everywhere, including planning with early warning systems and emergency routes, devastating and destructive disaster effects, and caring for the populace as they struggle to rebuild. The expansion will also update Cities: Skylines with a new scenario editor and gameplay mode, allowing players to finally win – or lose – the game on their own terms.

Natural Disasters will include:

Deep, Impactful Gameplay

Keep your city going through the devastation of several possible doomsday scenarios, from towering infernos to the day the sky exploded. Natural Disasters includes Earthquakes, Thunderstorms, Tsunamis, Forest Fires, Tornadoes, Sinkholes and Meteors

With Great Power Comes Great Response Abilities

Plan for, and respond to, disasters using early warning systems, countermeasures, and new disaster responses such as helicopters and evacuations – finally, a Paradox game where “Comet Sighted” actually means something

An Objectively Good Feature

Scenario Mode – Natural Disasters expansion includes 5 pre-made scenarios to challenge disaster masters, with custom game objectives such as starting cities, win conditions, time limits, losing conditions and more! The Natural Disasters Scenarios expands on the Scenario Editor, which is a free update for all players that allows them to create and share their own custom made scenarios

Chirpocalypse Now

Heck yeah, new hats for Chirper

Radio Saved the Video Game

A new broadcast network is introduced, helping to rapidly spread evacuation warnings and emergency alerts

Cities: Skyline – Natural Disasters will be coming over to the PlayStation 4 on May 15, 2018. We reviewed the vanilla game here, in-case you are still conflicted in buying the game.