Shadow of the tomb raider lara croft cosplay gear guide

Square Enix Provides a Detailed Reference Guide for Shadow of the Tomb Raider Lara Croft Cosplay

Have you ever wondered how cosplayers can so accurately reproduce the characters they are playing? The answer is mixed. Sometimes they need to find as many different angles and reference points as they can on their own, using in game screenshots and video, concept art, and a variety of other sources to get every detail that they can for a character. In other cases, the developer will actually provide a detailed reference guide. Months ahead of the Shadow of the Tomb Raider launch, Square Enix is already offering help to anyone that wants to do Lara Croft cosplay.

The Lara Croft gear guide provides a complete breakdown of the latest iteration of the iconic character, from details as small as a scar she obtained in the first reboot game, to exactly what materials make up each piece of her clothing. Not only does it go over her apparel, the guide also covers each and every piece of gear she carries. Carabiners and ropes are described in full. Her makeshift knife is shown up close. Her bow is shown from every useful angle. You can get a full look at the Lara Croft gear guide on Square Enix’s site.

If that’s not enough, Square Enix also provided a downloadable pattern along with instructions to make and sew your own Lara Croft Shadow of the Tomb Raider tank top. The pattern can be sized for women S-XL. A men’s pattern is coming soon, so keep an eye on the Tomb Raider Twitter if you males don’t want to get left out.

Shortly after the recent Shadow of the Tomb Raider reveal, we got to get our hands on the upcoming game. Our own Paulmichael Contreras played for about an hour and found the game to “have the right stuff” to show everyone how Lara Croft completes her transformation into the iconic character we know today.

Will you or anyone you know be using the Shadow of the Tomb Raider Lara Croft cosplay gear guide to become the Tomb Raider? Or will you, like most of the rest of us, be waiting until September to step into her ass-kicking boots?