Job Listing Shows Bend Studio Ready to Work on New PS4 Exclusive

If a recent job listing proves to be correct, then it looks like the folks over at Bend Studios might be working on a brand new PlayStation 4 exclusive. Over on the recruiting website Greenhouse (via Reddit), a recent job listing has been posted for a Senior Staff Gameplay Programmer for the company behind the upcoming Days Gone, Syphon Filter, and Uncharted: Golden Abyss. According to the job listing, the job will be for a “new AAA PlayStation 4 exclusive.”

While no game was named directly just yet, it’s interesting to note that this game is being regarded separately from Days Gone, meaning that the studio is talking about a completely different game. With Days Gone likely nearing completion, it’s not uncommon for the studio to begin gearing up to work on something new, but unfortunately, we’ll have to wait for more information to come out before we can truly begin speculating on what this game could possibly be.

For more information on Bend Studio’s latest game, check out our preview of Days Gone from E3 2017, which you can find a snippet of below:

Finally having the opportunity to see the depth of systems at play in Days Gone went a long way in changing my outlook towards the title. If they can maintain the course and create a vast and changing world that presents different problems and solutions at different times for everyone that plays it, then Days Gone could end up as one of the most engaging open world apocalyptic survival games we’ve ever played.

What kind of game would you want to see from the folks at Bend? Let us know!

[Source: Reddit, Greenhouse]