Bungie’s Changing Destiny 2 Eververse Rewards With ‘Prismatic Matrix,’ Here’s How It’ll Work

Back in January, Bungie said that it’ll change the way Destiny 2 players earned rewards, and allow them to get the items they want more often. Making good on that promise, the developer is introducing a new system that’ll prevent duplicates and give players more control over how they earn Eververse items.

Debuting in Season 3 is the “Prismatic Matrix” that’ll feature 10 Eververse items from the season every week. Once players acquire an item, they won’t get a duplicate, which gives them a chance to earn every reward for the respective week.

Bungie writes:

Each item within the Prismatic Matrix is on a knockout list, which means every player is guaranteed to receive all featured items for a given week by the tenth activation. Earning items via Bright Engrams, Bright Dust, or previous Matrix activations will also knock rewards off the list. In turn, each activation guarantees players an item that they have never previously acquired.

Outside of the Prismatic Matrix, players may continue to earn Bright Engrams each time they level up, and they can still purchase these engrams if they want a chance to get everything from the Season 3 catalog. Additionally, we’re increasing the number of items available from Tess each week with Bright Dust, from 14 to 18 items.

For more information on the Prismatic Matrix, make sure to check out Bungie’s latest blog entry.