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Skate 4 Pops up on Swedish Retailer Site Earlier This Year

With E3 getting closer with every passing day, players are continuing to speculate on what some of the brand new game announcements will be when the show kicks off next month. One game fans have been eagerly anticipating is Skate 4, and while no official news has been released of a possible Skate 3 sequel, older rumors of the title popping up are beginning to surface.

Back in February, it seemed as if Skate 4 had been listed on Swedish retail sites (via GameByte) for preorder, but nothing followed that information. Prior to that, in January 2017, Daniel Ligen – the lead of Electronic Arts’ Player Engagement Team – tweeted out a cryptic tweet containing only the hashtag “#skate4” and nothing more.

Of course, nothing has come from that late January tweet either, but with E3 getting even closer, what better place then to confirm all of those rumors? At the time of the Daniel Ligen tweet, Electronic Arts said they had no plans for a Skate 4. For more on that, check out below:

Despite a tweet from Community Engagement Manager Daniel Lingen hinting at it, EA is “not presently making Skate 4, and so that will not be in fiscal year 2018,” CEO Andrew Wilson revealed.

If you’re hoping for a surprise release, CFO Blake Jorgensen said, “[…] we always can add a few things during the year, maybe something gets pulled in faster than we thought… But I think for purposes of guidance, we really wanted to give people a full understanding of the master slate that we’re planning. So, don’t assume that there’s another big title looming out there that’s going to drop into the year.”

Let us know in the comments below if you’d like to see a Skate 4, and what else you’d like to see at E3 2018.

[Source: GameByte]