BioWare’s Anthem Release Month Revealed in EA Investor Call

Early this year, BioWare’s multiplayer RPG shooter Anthem, which was anticipated to release Fall 2018, was delayed into 2019. Of course, the studio claimed that it was not actually a delay, as the original Fall 2018 release date was never announced by the studio. During the recent EA financial call covering last quarter, EA talked about the future, including that the Anthem release date will be placed in March 2019. We had previously guessed this March window when EA officially pushed Anthem back to next year, but this provides confirmation of the release month for the title.

Honestly, Anthem releasing in March puts it in a quieter month, far away from other titles that it could compete with. Fall and Winter 2018 are packed with big games and expansions that will be calling for attention, so the further they can push it out from that, the better (for both themselves and other titles).

During the investor call, EA said that they were very excited about releasing a new IP. CFO Blake Jorgensen mentioned that it is an “extremely unique” game that players will really enjoy playing. Most fans have compared the idea of Anthem to Bungie’s Destiny, which actually does put it in quite a unique space. Due to Anthem being a new IP, EA is remaining very reserved in its expectations and outlook for the game.

Concern about the state of Anthem has been rippling among fans. BioWare has been hemorrhaging employees, with Mass Effect writer Drew Karpyshyn leaving the company earlier this year, and both General Manager Aaryn Flynn and Anthem Lead Animator Steve Gilmour leaving last year. The current GM, Casey Hudson, has indicated that Drew’s recent departure won’t impact the development of Anthem, though fans are worried that the game may not have the narrative hook they are hoping for. BioWare has also said that they learned a lot of lessons from Mass Effect: Andromeda that they are taking forward into Anthem’s development.

Are you happy to see the Anthem release date being put in March 2019? Do you think BioWare will have the game ready to go by then, or will there be another delay before it is finally released?

[Source: DualShockers]