BioShock Collection Dev Undergoes Layoffs Due to Cancellation of Unannounced Project

Blind Squirrel Games, the studio behind recent BioShock and Borderlands remasters, has laid off 13 staff members due to the cancellation of an unannounced project, it has been revealed.

The redundancies were first brought to light by the studio’s former community manager, Josh Mikkelsen, who sought help from Gamasutra in looking for work.

The publication reached out to Blind Squirrel, who responded with the following statement:

Unfortunately, due to the unexpected cancellation of an unannounced project, Blind Squirrel Games laid off 13 staff members today – less than 10% of our workforce. The studio continues to work on multiple projects. Our hearts go out to those who were laid off, and while we are working with our partners to find them new homes, we are grateful for any additional help others in the industry may provide.

Apart from the aforementioned titles, Blind Squirrel has worked on a number of AAA games, helping lead developers in various aspects like AI engineering and in-game cinematics. The studio’s portfolio includes Prey, Mafia III, and Sunset Overdrive among other titles.

[Source: Gamasutra]