Deus Ex Isn’t Dead But Don’t Expect a New Game Any Time Soon, Says Eidos Montreal Studio Head

Following last year’s reports about Deus Ex going on hiatus and Eidos Montreal subsequently taking on other projects, fans have been left wondering what’s next for the series. PCGamesN posed this question to studio head David Anfossi in a recent interview, who allayed fears about the franchise’s demise quite succinctly:

Deus Ex is not dead, I confirm that.

That said, don’t expect a new installment any time soon. Eidos is currently working on Shadow of the Tomb Raider, which is scheduled for release this September, and is also co-developing Crystal Dynamics’ Avengers game. Apart from this, Anfossi has confirmed that Eidos has a third game in development (reportedly a Guardians of the Galaxy project). “It’s enough at the moment for us,” he explained.

Deus Ex, of course, it’s the brand of the studio,” Anfossi continued. “We are all attached to this franchise, but we cannot do everything, you know?”

When asked about Thief and if Eidos has anything in mind for the future, Anfossi confirmed that the studio doesn’t have any plans for the franchise. “We are a big studio, but we have… we like to focus on things we do and do it correctly,” he added. “So for Thief there is no plan.”

[Source: PCGamesN]