RAGE 2 Dev Confirms No Loot Boxes, Will Feature ‘Games as a Service’

This week has been a bit abuzz with all of the RAGE 2 news, and more keeps coming. The latest comes from the co-owner of developer id Software Tim Willits, who confirmed that RAGE 2 will not have any loot boxes.

“We will not have any loot boxes, I can say for sure. We have this novel approach: you buy the game and then you play it,” Willits joked with German website GameStar.

However, he then went on to say that the dev team is taking a Games as a Service approach with RAGE 2. The reason why? They want people to play the game longer.

“We want people to play RAGE 2 longer, and we think we can bring some fun stuff that makes it possible, but we’ll talk about it in more detail as we move closer to the release,” he said.

Most of the interview went into how id and Avalanche Studios are collaborating together for the development of this project. Avalanche is building the open-world experience they are very well known for from Mad Max and the Just Cause series. Id, on the other side of the coin, is in charge of the first-person shooter experience they are just as well known for. Willits said that it has been “a collaborative project from the start,” and that the two studios work very closely together.

He didn’t release any other information about this Games as a Service idea, which I’m sure we can expect at E3. Bethesda has to have something about RAGE 2 to announce at E3, after all. Or perhaps Walmart Canada knows more than we do.

[Sources: GameStar via WCCFTech]