final fantasy xiv under the moonlight patch notes

Square Enix Releases Final Fantasy 14: Under the Moonlight Patch Notes

Under the Moonlight, the new content update for Final Fantasy XIV (as part of the Stormblood expansion) has just arrived. With that said, Square Enix has released the patch notes for this update, so players can get a gist of just what changed in the game before they do any adventuring.

Since the overall notes for this patch update contains A LOT of information, we will cover only the system updates and some other details. If you want a basic rundown of what you can find on the latest content update, you can read our article about what is new in Under the Moonlight. Here’s a list of system changes that this new update has to offer:

New achievements and titles have been added.

The following functions have been added for achievements:

  • A list of achievements nearing completion will now display upon login.
  • When entering an area, a list of achievements that can be earned there will now be displayed.

Following the addition of these new functions, the “Current Area” and “Approaching Completion” categories have been added under Relevant in the Achievements window.

Players are now able to perform the following actions while in inn rooms:

  • Synthesize
  • Repair
  • Dye
  • Cast Glamour
  • Materia Assimilating
  • Retrieve Materia

The following options have been added to the Character Configuration interface:

UI Settings

General Tab


  • Display achievements nearing completion upon login.

Chat Log Settings

General Tab

Log Text Colors

  • Cross-world Linkshell

Log Filters

  • Cross-world Linkshell
  • Message Book Alert

Notification Sounds

Cross-world Linkshell

The following options have been added to the System Configuration interface:

Mouse Settings (Windows® and Mac only.)

Expanded Mouse Functionality Settings

  • Hardware Cursor Selections

Sound Settings

Sound Settings

  • Enable City-state BGM in Residential Areas.

The following options have been added to the Keybind menu:

Shortcuts Tab

Cross-world Linkshell

Chat Tab

Temporarily Switch Chat Mode to Cross-world Linkshell

Switch Chat Mode to Cross-world Linkshell

System Tab (Windows® and Mac Only)

Toggle Color Filtering Settings

To view all the complete patch notes for Under the Moonlight, click here.

Final Fantasy XIV and it’s most recent patch, Under the Moonlight, is available for the PlayStation 4 and other gaming platforms.