Capcom Teases Cody for Street Fighter V

Street Fighter IV‘s Cody should be making his way to V soon as Capcom has been teasing a full reveal on Twitter. It appears that the season 3 character is the new mayor of Metro City.

Check out the teaser below, which is in form of a letter from outgoing mayor Mike Haggar to Cody:

Dear Mayor Cody,

Before I start, just know I’m only sending this because I was required to — something about the old mayor welcoming in the new one — so don’t think I’m over past differences. When I first met you, I was unsure if you could abandon your ruffian ways, and I was right. You got yourself in prison more times than I cared to keep track of. However, let me remind you that Metro City needs someone they can believe in, someone that will carry on my duties, and someone with a proven track record of bringing justice to the streets. That someone happens to be you.

Remember to note close yourself off from the calls of the city. Instead, alter the chaotic winds surrounding your previous life and reach out to bring peace to this city we call home. Take this opportunity to keep the trust you earned when we took down the Mad Gear Gang.

Of course, I was never one to shy away from going hard on those who would resort to physical violence, but I only used my fists when absolutely necessary. I understand you have a tendency to go a few steps further than just your fists, but only use these other tools when the situation demands it.

Knowing you, this change may prove difficult at first, but I believe in you. If I didn’t, I wouldn’t have gotten you out of that rut of yours. Don’t disappoint me. Don’t disappoint Metro City.


Mike Haggar

We’ll update our readers when we have more info.

[Source: Street Fighter (Twitter)]