Report: H1Z1 PS4 Pro Users Have an Advantage Over Standard PS4 Players

An in-depth study of battle royale originator H1Z1 by Digital Foundry’s Richard Leadbetter has come to the conclusion that the H1Z1 PS4 Pro edition of Daybreak Games’ latter-day breakout hit actually offers players more of an advantage on the souped-up console compared to its vanilla PS4 counterpart.

Writing for Eurogamer, Leadbetter lays out the fact that H1Z1 on PS4 Pro runs at a solid 50-60 FPS compared to the standard PS4 struggling to keep up with a frame rate of 40-50 frames per second. This gives PS4 Pro players a pretty significant advantage when boots are on the ground and the living undead are shambling your way.

Despite this, H1Z1 on PS4 Pro doesn’t stand out on its own in terms of overall gameplay. Frame rate and pixel count, according to Leadbetter (who, let’s face it, knows his onions when it comes to this sort of thing), are the only major differences compared to the game running on a base PS4 console. Still, it’s a pretty major difference.

As of writing, PS4 Pro owners will have a distinct advantage over other PS4 players thanks to the frame rate running at a far more steady and consistent pace compared to its less-powerful brethren. Whether that can be ironed out in the coming weeks of the open beta is up in the air, but it feels like it’s something that needs to be sorted sooner rather than later. We can’t be having a battle royale filled with have and have-nots now, can we?

[Source: Eurogamer and Digital Foundry]