BlazBlue: Cross Tag Battle Players Aren’t Allowed to Stream the Game’s Episode Mode

Arc System Works has published streaming guidelines for BlazBlue: Cross Tag Battle players, encouraging them to stream local and online matches but cautioning them against streaming the game’s Episode Mode. In a lengthy post on its website, the developer wrote that while it wants to give players the freedom to upload their matches and “online shenanigans,” it also wants to ensure that the Episode Mode isn’t spoiled for anyone.

Here’s a list of Dos and Don’ts:


  • Stream matches to your heart’s content. Either against other players (local or online), or against the CPU. Show off your mad skills.
  • Put together tutorial videos to break down characters, teams, strategies, or show how to pull off that amazing combo. More power to you!
  • Show us those online shenanigans, dance parties, and the like.


  • Stream Episode Mode at all. Just don’t. If you have to, very short clips of Episode Mode content up to Chapter 2 are permitted for video content only. Any longer clips, spoilers, or anything else is a danger area, so really, just avoid this all together.
  • Stream or upload any music-only content. Music playing in the background during matches, online lobbies, and etc are totally fine. A soundtrack rip or upload is not.

There will be penalties for breaking rules including channel strikes and account suspensions. If you plan to stream BlazBlue: Cross Tag Battle, we highly recommend checking out Arc System Works’ guidelines.