Warframe The Sacrifice Cinematic Quest Announced

Warframe The Sacrifice is a new Cinematic Quest in line with previous story-based content updates The Second Dream and The War Within. Announced by Warframe developer Digital Extremes, The Sacrifice looks like the culmination of a ton of build up, and players are being asked to prepare accordingly.

Announced via press release, very little is provided on the narrative context of Warframe The Sacrifice, although a cryptic trailer has been released. The official lead-in reads, “as dreams fade and wars quiet, the time has come to embrace the greatest Warframe test of all.” The Sacrifice had been previously teased back in early 2017. It will introduce new “Umbra” Warframes.

Visiting the official website tells players (or Tennos for the savvy Warframe folks out there) they must complete the Apostasy Prologue quest at a minimum in order to play The Sacrifice. However, also recommended are The Second Dream, The War Within, and Chains of Harrow. A “free gift” is also available on the site. Redeeming the “OLDFRIEND” promo code will net players an Orokin Tea Set Orbiter decoration and a 3-Day Affinity Booster. That code will work for all platforms.

Warframe The Sacrifice will launch in June. Warframe itself is available for download, for free, on PlayStation 4, Xbox One, and PC.