New Fortnite Tournament Announced by Red Bull

Red Bull has announced it’s running a new Fortnite tournament, one that will literally run from dusk until dawn on the night of July 21. Red Bull Rise Till Dawn will see one hundred teams of two face off in an overnight Fortnite Battle Royale duos tournament, with a point-based scoring system and the already-announced participation of a renowned Fortnite pro.

That pro is Tyler “Ninja” Blevins, who is participating with an unnamed teammate. It’s not entirely clear in Red Bull’s press release if Ninja is in the actual running for the tournament or not, or if he’s in place as a unique obstacle of sorts. While the teams will compete for points from 8:21 pm to 5:35 am, any team that eliminates Ninja and his teammate will earn bonus points. Points will be calculated overall based on a combination of round placement eliminations.

The Red Bull Rise Till Dawn tournament will run in Chicago’s Willis Tower, on the 99th floor. The event is sponsored by HyperX, 7-Eleven, and Entry for the tournament is $40 per team and signups are open now for participants of age 18 and older. For those who aren’t participating, the event will be streaming live on Ninja’s Twitch channel, starting at 8:00 pm CST.