Bethesda’s Todd Howard Wanted Fallout 76 Cross-Play, But Says It’s ‘Not Possible’

The pressure sure is mounting on Sony to hitch a ride on the cross-play wagon. Following on from the news that cross-play wouldn’t be coming to Fortnite PS4, Bethesda Director Todd Howard admitted that he would have loved for Fallout 76 to have been cross-play among consoles but that, as of this moment, it’s not possible. But what Todd Howard wants, Todd Howard often gets. Well see if the Bethesda powerhouse is enough to convince Sony. got a chance to sit down with Todd Howard and (H/T ResetERA user Caayn for the translation) we discover that:

For now, though, Fallout 76 cross-play has been nuked. Still, there’s a very real possibility of it showing up sometime in the future. Hopefully not a post-apocalyptic one, but you never know. Watch this space.


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