Epic Relaunches Fortnite’s Playground LTM

After technical difficulties and a delay, Epic Games has relaunched Playground LTM for Fortnite. Epic officially announced the launch’s success through Fortnite’s Twitter page, which links interested players to more details on the game’s Reddit forum.

The limited time mode is essentially a practice arena that allows players to practice shooting and building to their heart’s desire. Unlimited resources and the absence of pressure encourages immeasurable creativity. Should players choose to join friends, get creative, and battle one another, then that’s also on the table. In other words, Playground Mode couldn’t have a better moniker.

Epic invites everyone to join and go all out. However, there are a few notes the developer highlights in the Reddit post. For one, returning region select to “auto select” should be a priority, in addition to selecting a preferred region. Errors are likely to occur, but Epic advises players to simply requeue until a match is found.

The team also plans on “releasing an in-depth and detailed postmortem in the near future to go over the obstacles that we encountered during the process of trying to enable this Limited Time Mode.” When this analysis will see the light of day is currently unknown.

[Source via Eurogamer]